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  1. Shipping, brokerage fees, uncrating, positioning and installation costs are not included, unless stated in body of Proposal or Quotation.
  2. Unless listed in the original Proposal or Quotation, all cuts, holes, access ports etc. in walls, floors or ceilings required by Microzone Corporation or other trades are an extra cost.
  3. Quoted shipment dates for stock items are subject to sale by prior orders and the Quotation does not in any way constitute a reservation of equipment or material.
  4. Quoted shipment dates of equipment or material not in stock and not of our manufacture are based upon quoted delivery times from our suppliers or their agents and therefore are not guaranteed.
  5. Shipment schedules are approximate and are based on conditions at the time of acceptance by Customer. Microzone Corporation will use commercially reasonable efforts to complete shipment as indicated but assumes no responsibility or liability for loss or damage by reason of force majeure.
  6. Customer agrees that time is not of the essence.
  7. The Proposal and Drawings remain the property of Microzone Corporation. It should not be reproduced or used for manufacture, design or construction without the express authorization of the owner. The recipient, by accepting the Proposal and the ideas contained therein, assumes the custody thereof, and under the above terms agrees not to allow its use by unauthorized persons. The Proposal referred to consists of any preliminary work and Drawings supplied by Microzone Corporation prior to the issuing of the contract.
  8. If the job site is not ready, as per the schedule negotiated, all warehousing of equipment, parts and components which leave our factory or our supplier’s factory as per the schedule is the responsibility of the Customer.
  9. All agreements and promises of delivery are subject to and contingent upon strikes, accidents and other events beyond our control.
  10. Minimum billing is $200.00
  11. Premature blockage of HEPA or ULPA filters due to incorrect pre-filtration or incorrect maintenance is not the responsibility of Microzone Corporation.
  12. Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted for custom equipment do not include provisions for special manuals.
  13. No return shipments will be accepted without prior approval. Applicable re-stocking charges are to Customer's account.
  14. Microzone Corporation is not liable for consequential or indirect damages arising out of the sale, installation, service or use of the Microzone Corporation products sold to the Customer.
  15. Proposals issued by Microzone Corporation are valid for 30 days unless otherwise indicated on proposal.
  16. All products shipped to the Customer remain the property of Microzone Corporation until invoice is paid.
  17. Customer’s acceptance of the Quotation is limited to acceptance of the express terms of the offer contained therein. Any document supplied by Customer containing additional or different terms or conditions is hereby objected to and rejected. If Customer uses its purchase order form in connection with the ordering of Microzone Corporation products or services, such purchase order will be governed by the terms of the Quotation or Order Acknowledgement and any provision of such purchase order which in any manner differs from or is in addition to the provisions of the Quotation or Order Acknowledgement shall be of no force or effect.
  18. All orders are contingent upon and subject to approval by the Microzone Corporation Credit Department which may at any time in its sole discretion require different payment terms. The Microzone Corporation Credit Department may periodically request financial information from the Customer in connection with reassessment of credit terms.
  19. Microzone Corporation shall not be liable for delays or failures in performance of any obligation by reason of force majeure.
  20. Contracts with Microzone Corporation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Ontario, Canada, excluding choice of law rules.


Microzone Corporation extends a warranty to all Customers of any of its products subject to the following terms and conditions.

  1. Except where otherwise noted, the term of warranty is one year commencing the date of delivery of the product. For cleanrooms and containment facilities the warranty commences the date of substantial completion. For HVAC equipment the warranty commences the date of start up of the equipment.
  2. Liability for defective work or material shall be confined solely to replacement or repair of defective goods. No charge for repairs will be accepted by Microzone Corporation without its written consent. No return of products will be accepted unless arrangements have been made for such return.
  3. Liability for defects induced by misuse or abuse, by incorrect operating procedures or for equipment operated outside of recommended limitations, characteristics or specifications is specifically excluded from this warranty.
  4. This warranty will not exceed in time or nature the warranty extended to Microzone Corporation by our suppliers on items incorporated by Microzone Corporation into its products.
  5. This warranty does not cover cost of shipment of products to Microzone Corporation for repair or replacement and return to Customer.
  6. Except where otherwise noted, a one-year service package is included on all heating, cooling and control equipment supplied and installed by Microzone Corporation as part of cleanroom or containment facility HVAC equipment.
  7. The thorough decontamination of biological, nuclear or any other contaminated equipment prior to its shipment to Microzone Corporation for warranty related work is the responsibility of the Customer. Should the product be serviced or repaired by Microzone Corporation at the Customer's location, it is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the product is properly decontaminated beforehand.
  8. In the event any product fails to conform to its specifications, Microzone Corporation’s liability shall be limited to either supplying another product or refunding the full purchase price to the Customer.
  9. Any modifications or changes made to the equipment or parts, without the written consent of Microzone Corporation, voids the warranty.


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