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PHARMA-MOD 797 Two-Room Suite

Typical Two-Room Suite Layout

Clean-Ceil HEPA Fan Filter Module

Typical Wall Module with Sliding Door

Coved Ceiling-to-Wall Transition

Cleanroom Ceiling


Optional Pass-Through Chamber with stainless steel liner - Mechanical door interlocks



A Cost Effective Solution for Compounding and Sterile Preparation

Are you a Pharmacist who is looking for a cost effective way to add a USP 797 compliant cleanroom to their operations?  Whether you need a simple two-room suite or a large multi-room facility, Microzone understands your needs and can provide you with the perfect solution.

Two-room suites are very popular since they can be sized to fit into existing work areas while still providing the required cleanliness levels.

A TYPICAL PHARMA-MOD 797 TWO-ROOM SUITE includes an outer gowning or anteroom. This room, equipped with HEPA air filtration, meets an ISO Class 8 cleanliness level and acts as an airlock to the lab area. The second room is the cleanroom lab. This room is equipped with HEPA Air Filtration as well and will meet an ISO Class 7 cleanliness level. Compounding is typically performed in the “Primary Engineering Control” or PEC. The PEC is usually an ISO Class 5 device such as a Laminar Air Flow Hood, Biological Safety Cabinet or an Isolator located inside the lab area.

The example shown at the left consists of a 4’ by 8’ Anteroom and an 8’ by 8’ Lab area. The overall exterior dimensions are approximately 12’ long by 8’ wide. However, room dimensions can be adjusted to virtually any size and the sliding doors can be placed anywhere thanks to the inherent flexibility of the PHARMA-MOD wall modules.

PHARMA-MOD WALL MODULES are constructed using extruded aluminum frames with a choice of insert materials to create the perfect wall structure. In most cases, users choose to have the top half of each wall panel fabricated with a clear viewing panel and the lower portion filled with a solid white panel. However, modules can be supplied that are completely clear or completely solid. The choice is yours. Close fitting joints, sealed with silicone sealants, allow the wall modules to form a solid, easy to clean enclosure.

Microzone's PHARMA-MOD 797 Cleanroom Suites are loaded with standard features:

  • Microzone Clean-Ceil Fan Filter Modules – Industrial Grade
  • Light fixtures with flush, sealed lenses
  • Cleanroom Grade ceiling tiles - sealed in grid openings
  • Modular Wall Panels – virtually flush interior finish, easy to clean, easy assembly
  • Clear viewing panels
  • Polypropylene wall inserts for bottom sections of wall panels
  • Easy to operate sliding doors
  • Coved ceiling-to-wall transitions
  • Gauge Panel complete with switches for lights and fan filter modules
  • Integrated Power Post complete with receptacles


  • Swing Doors
  • Pass-Through Chambers
  • Additional Power Posts


The Microzone PHARMA-MOD 797 Sterile Cleanroom Series system is designed for quick and easy assembly to get you up and running sooner than other conventional cleanrooms. Microzone can provide full turnkey installation service or for budget sensitive projects, we can offer you or your local contractor assistance via telephone. Additionally, due to the modular design, the facility can be easily disassembled if relocation is required. It can also be reconfigured and enlarged should you need additional space in the future.


The Microzone PHARMA-MOD 797 Sterile Cleanroom Series system is solid and reliable in both design and quality. All components are carefully selected, right from the smallest fastener to the largest insert panel, to provide years of trouble free service. Every Microzone cleanroom is backed by a one year parts and labor warranty. If you have any questions about your facility, we are always available to assist you.

Pharma-Mod 797 brochure

If you would like to receive a formal quote on your specific USP 797 requirements, please contact Microzone Corporation at 1-877-252-7710 to speak with one of our specialists or send us an E-mail at: sales@microzone.com.  We will be delighted to work out a solution tailored just for you!




               Gauge Panel Options - Analog or Digital










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