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The Cleanroom Services Group of Microzone Corporation has been providing design/build services for decades to the life sciences and advanced technologies marketplace. Some of the important aspects that set us aside from other companies is our in-house capabilities, our factory manufactured Cleanroom products, our design and consulting services and our turnkey specialty construction capabilities.

Our Cleanroom Services Group can design, specify, and manage the installation of your complete Cleanroom. We are experienced in the following areas:

  • Strategic Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Cleanroom Filtration Systems
  • Mechanical & Environmental Air Control Systems
  • Facility Control and Computer Based Monitoring Systems
  • Facility Process Support Systems
  • Architectural, Structural and Engineering Services
  • Construction Management Services
  • Design Build Services
  • Validation/Qualification Services & Equipment and Facility Thermal Mapping

Our customers have benefited from our value engineering capabilities. Many clients are faced with limited budgets and fast track scheduling demands, which do not make the A & E Plan/Spec approach particularly attractive.

Once we have been retained on a project, our design team prepares a detailed analysis of your requirements and develops specifications for your project and produces drawings on state-of-the-art CAD systems.

We also familiarize ourselves with your process and process flow, and lay out all utilities specific to your needs. Cleanroom facilities are normally mechanically intensive and involve the application of high efficiency particulate filtration (HEPA) and specialized air conditioning systems. Close tolerance temperature and humidity control as well as complex process support equipment. Whatever your end point requirements may be, our team will design the system, specify equipment, select materials, and manage the installation of all utilities.

Project reporting is continuously monitored via our project management service and on our Cleanroom computerized job cost accounting system which includes detailed estimates and all the information you need on costs, including budget tracking, actual committed dollars and any budget variance. All data is constantly updated throughout the project.

When your project is complete, we provide you with a complete report, which includes electronic and hard-copy records of drawings, specifications, and scheduling; detailed budget and variance reports; change order records; and warranties for all equipment and services.

Our goal is to provide all our clients a high quality, functional and cost effective Cleanroom facility.

For further detailed information on our Cleanroom Services Group, please contact:

Email: sales@microzone.com

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