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Diseased Animal Enclosure

DISEASED ANIMAL ENCLOSURE is designed to house small infected animals, animals being subjected to research investigations and animals in quarantine or isolation. Each cubicle accommodates most sized cages, feeders and bottle watering systems. The overall dimensions of the Model DAE-9 and Model DAE-18 are identical, but the Model DAE-18 has its 9 main cubicles subdivided for use with smaller species, such as rodents. The subdividing shelf is removable so that the enclosure can revert back to nine cubicles when necessary. Room air passes through the cubicles and the air is eventually HEPA filtered at an efficiency of 99.99% for all particles 0.3 microns and larger before being recirculated back into the vivarium or laboratory. If required, chemical adsorption filters are available for treatment of the discharged air. For animals requiring total isolation a special optional HEPA filter module is available for each door intake grille, thereby ensuring air both entering and leaving the cubicles is HEPA filtered.

Key Features of Product

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Pre-filtration within each cubicle
  • Exhaust HEPA filter rated 99.99% (DOP)
  • Magnehelic gauge to determine loading on HEPA filter
  • Acrylic doors mounted on pivot hinges for quick removal
  • Equipment mounted on casters for ease of relocation (front casters locking type)
  • SCR speed control to adjust the number of air changes in the range 20-100 changes per hour


Small Animal Bedding Disposal Unit

Allergic reactions to animals are among the most common conditions that adversely affect the health of workers involved in the care and use of animals in research. Our small animal bedding disposal unit helps to protect operators and the environment from low risk toxic agents generated when handling contaminated animal bedding. This unit is a compact mobile system which provides the operator maximum comfort thanks to its spacious access opening and angled face shield. The laboratory air from the reverse flow unit passes through a series of filtration systems before being discharged back into the laboratory.

Key Features of Product

  • Stainless steel work interior
  • Exhaust HEPA flter rated 99.99% (DOP)
  • Magnehelic gauge to determine loading on HEPA flter
  • Hinged acrylic face shield
  • Equipment mounted on casters for ease of relocation (front casters locking type)
  • SCR speed control to adjust the number of air changes
  • Mobile waste bag trolley


Sterile Animal Cage Module

The STERILE ANIMAL CAGE MODULE provides a localized pathogen-free environment for small animals The unique all-modular construction enables the unit to be erected in relatively inaccessible locations and the optional stainless steel cage rack assembly provides maximum flexibility of use with both standard and custom cages. The HEPA fltered air flows over the animal cages and greatly reduces the concentration of both microbial and non-viable particulate airborne contaminants, thereby reducing the incidence of animal colony infections. The equipment features a patented Zero By-Pass HEPA Seal which ensures that no contaminated air can by-pass the HEPA flter module and thereby enter the cages.

Key Features of Product

  • Quiet operation
  • Provides better than ISO CLASS 5 conditions for animal cages
  • Control panel houses all switches, gauges, circuit breakers etc...
  • Control panel adjusts air flow in the range 40-100ft./min. (0.20-0.51 m/s)
  • Removable front panel for easy access to motor/blower assembly
  • Supply HEPA filters rated 99.99% efficient on all particles 0.3 microns and larger Pre-filtration system and fluorescent lights Magnehelic gauge



Animal Containment Suites

Our modular ANIMAL CONTAINMENT SUITES are designed and constructed to meet the customer’s specific requirements. These facilities may be integrated within the design of new laboratories or be installed inside existing animal rooms. Our self contained modular facilities utilize their own air handling, filtration and environmental control equipment and are therefore independent of these central services which supply existing vivariums. The precise air flows and pressurizations within our animal rooms are controlled and monitored from a central control panel. Modular sealed interlocking wall panels, metal pan ceilings, special lighting and sealed flooring all ensure that the facilities are virtually airtight. These high quality products are available as sterile suites or containment facilities. For more information about our modular Animal Containment Rooms, please consult your area representative or our factory directly.


Sterile Animal Transfer Module

Our Mobile Sterile Animal Transfer Module is designed to provide dual operations with one chamber providing independent CLASS 1 air flow requirements for bedding disposal operations, with the additional chamber providing sterile/inspection/transfer operations while handling small animals in micro-isolator enclosures. The isolated stainless steel work chambers are controlled and monitored via our digital control module, with built-in visual/audio filter alarm status. For further information, please consult your area representative or our factory directly.


Glove Boxes

Glove boxes are designed to operate under negative pressure for containment and operation protection. Our complete line of stainless steel and acrylic units can be used for various end use applications. Equipment is available offering varying combinations of protection for personnel, product and environmental, including protection for all three types. We offer a wide range of options for our glove boxes. For further information, please consult your area representative or our factory direct.

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